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Newport Beach Police Detectives’ investigation uncovers two suspects that are then arrested in series of local burglaries

In late January 2023, a victim reported to Newport Beach Police Department (NBPD) that he had $18,000 in cash stolen from his vehicle while it was parked at Fashion Island. The victim stated that he was going to Las Vegas for the weekend and had withdrawn money from the bank just prior to going to Fashion Island. While shopping, his vehicle was broken into and the money was taken. Video of the crime was located and showed an unknown suspect entering the victim’s vehicle. 

Newport Beach Police Detectives parking structure

Photos courtesy of the NBPD

Parking structure security footage of suspect approaching the victim’s vehicle

NBPD detectives investigated the case and located a crime bulletin from a neighboring city involving a similar-looking suspect who had used stolen credit cards to make fraudulent purchases. Further investigation revealed the credit cards were originally stolen in Los Angeles County. NBPD detectives traveled to Los Angeles, met with local detectives there, and were eventually able to identify a possible suspect. 

Newport Beach Police Detectives shoes

Click on photo for a larger image

The shoes one of the suspects was wearing when arrested; the same shoes the suspect wore in the security footage

Further investigation on the suspect revealed him to be a well-known vehicle burglar who is known to use a device or his phone to defeat vehicle-locking mechanisms. Additionally, the suspect was on criminal probation and was currently out on bail for multiple burglaries in Los Angeles County. 

NBPD detectives obtained a search warrant for the suspect and ultimately located and arrested him last week (March 23). During a subsequent search of his vehicle, detectives located several credit cards that had been stolen from additional vehicle burglaries in Newport Beach. Additional property was located in his vehicle that was found to be stolen during a storage unit burglary in Los Angeles County. 

Newport Beach Police Detectives toolbox

Click on photo for a larger image

Stolen toolbox located when detectives searched the suspect’s vehicle

Newport Beach Police Detectives welder

Click on photo for a larger image

Stolen welder also found in the suspect’s vehicle

Detectives continued their investigation, which revealed the arrestee worked alongside a second suspect during the burglaries at Fashion Island. Detectives tracked down this second suspect and arrested him, as well. This was an extremely successful investigation by NBPD detectives that took the two prolific burglars off the street who had apparently victimized many Newport Beach community members.

To avoid being the victim of a burglary like this, please do not leave any property in your car. If you must leave something in your vehicle, make sure to put it in the trunk or conceal it before you arrive at your destination. After going to the bank or shopping, it is best to go directly home instead of storing your newly acquired valuables in your vehicle while you run other errands. You never know who might be hanging out in the parking lot watching you stash your property in the backseat or in the trunk. Finally, remember to always lock your car to keep opportunists from rummaging through the glove compartment and center console.

Editor’s Note: This is an ongoing series of community information provided by the Newport Beach Police Department.

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